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The Story

After working in the automotive industry for over 30 years, I saw that the biggest pain points were constantly the same things.

It all came down to inefficient BDCs with high turnover and inefficient follow up processes. I saw dealers not bringing in enough new business while also failing to retain their existing customers. The headaches never seemed worth it.


The Solution

What needed to change? For one, we needed better staff. Finding the best managers was imperative. A manager that would have time to make sure every phone call got made and every loose end was tied.

After investing years of training, building processes, and focusing on employee retention, I set out to create a BDC that could be there to help dealers win the business they deserve and keep customers coming back. In 2014 Power BDC was born.

Meet the Leadership Team


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Working at PowerBDC

What makes us special?

Our team.

We love our team and they love working here and learning together.

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