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Outsourced Dealership Service BDC Provider | PowerBDC®

Get more customers to choose you for their automotive needs.

If you’re an automotive, RV, power sports, or marine dealer, you’re keenly aware of changing buyer behaviors and their increasing reliance on/preference for internet-based interactions during the discovery and purchase journey. Oftentimes, the biggest challenges we hear are:


  • How can we improve response time and convert more leads?

  • How can we improve our sales effectiveness and turn more online inquiries into customers?

  • How can we actively pursue more opportunities?


At PowerBDC, that is what we do ― help you acquire customers, generate more sales, and turn customers into enthusiastic fans. We’re experts in lead generation, lead management, and customer relationship management and have a track record of successfully generating new business for dealers like you.

As a premier provider of outsourced auto service BDC, we become a seamless extension of your brand so your customers or potential customers continue to experience who you are and how you do business. Learn about our outsourcing services, view our industry partners, and contact us at (800) 833-PBDC if you’d like to discuss how we can help you.


Functions of an Automotive Service BDC

Benefits of Outsourcing

Let us help:


  • Optimize the use of your CRM

  • Enhance lead response time

  • Turn more leads or inquiries into sales

  • Cross-sell when the opportunity arises

  • Protect your brand


Improve Lead Response Time

The quicker you respond to a lead or inquiry, the greater the likelihood you’ll convert that lead or inquiry into a sale. Don’t cause a potential customer to jump on their smartphone and do business with someone else.

At PowerBDC, our trained and experienced team applies a proven process and leverages supportive technologies to satisfy customers, convert leads, and positively impact your bottom line.


Our job is to help you stay on top of inbound and outbound leads, inquiries, and service activities and deliver a rewarding customer experience. Whether you’re looking to improve the performance of your current BDC or outsource your entire business development function, we offer solutions and know-how to deliver the right results.

Why PowerBDC®?

Experience. Results. Scalability. Trust the team that has a proven track record of generating extraordinary results that help grow your dealership business.

Other BDC Industries We Serve

In addition to automotive dealers, PowerBDC serves the business development needs of RV, powersports, and marine dealers.

Outsource Your Service BDC with PowerBDC

Call us at (800) 833-PBDC or send us an email to discuss how we can help you. We look forward to partnering with you and serving your customers.

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