BDC Training

& Implementation

“BDC in a Can”


Speed up your BDC

We turn your BDC into a well oiled machine that turns around sales like gears in a sports car.

Integrate Emails to your CRM

With dozens of CRMs under our belt, we're the pros that can show you how to maximize your use of it and get more from your CRM.

Monitor & Record Calls

What better way to get peace of mind that you're always covered? Monitor and record your calls.

Staff training

Your team is what sells. Our team's experience in training helps your team learn to sell better.

Improve your closing rate

Our bread and butter. Grow your business by closing more sales.

You're one phone call away from growing your business.

"The BDC in a Can training turned my BDC around. Their team did it so quickly they made it look easy. Thank you again.

- General Manager

There's dozens of ways in which you can optimize your In-House BDC.

Our training program: BDC in a Can saves you time, money, and stress.

We let you get back to growing the rest of your dealership business.

Ready to grow your business with PowerBDC?

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