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Benefits of Outsourcing BDC

The sales and service functions are the lifeblood of any dealership business. Are you delivering the best possible experiences across all your customer touchpoints? Are your inbound and outbound activities generating quality leads and high conversion rates? How quickly are you responding to the volume of texts, chats, calls, and form submissions your online channels are sending you at all hours of the day? 


If you’re looking for more from your BDC, perhaps it’s time to consider some outside help.

Things to Consider

  • You can dramatically reduce operating costs and increase efficiency when you choose an outsourced BDC solution.


  • You are less likely to lose a lead to a competitor when your follow up time is quick ― our PowerBDC® CRM pros respond to your internet inquiries within a couple of minutes.


  • You can consistently meet OEM compliance requirements for lead response times no matter what your lead volume looks like.

​PowerBDC is staffed by an experienced team representing 200+ years of inbound and outbound lead generation, lead management, and CRM experience in the retail automotive, RV, powersports, and marine marketplace. We offer a seamless, proven process that integrates with your BDC practices, represents your brand, and offers scalability to meet your changing business needs.

Accelerate Lead Follow Up and Close More Sales

Let the experienced team at PowerBDC create happy customers for you and increase the amount and value of leads, so you can sell more vehicles, parts, maintenance and repair services, and warranty products.


Which Automotive BDC Services Are Right for My Dealership?

Whether you’re looking for a complete auto sales and service BDC solution or some targeted help for your in-house BDC team, PowerBDC delivers the expertise that produces high-performance lead generation, lead management, and CRM results. 


With a virtual BDC option, your customers and prospects will be interacting with our professionally trained CRM team, who will deliver seamless interactions that represent your brand and support your internal processes and the efforts of your sales team.​


We offer outsourced sales and service BDC; virtual reception and call center services; and a turnkey BDC solution to help your in-house BDC team maximize the use of your CRM, satisfy your customers, and close more sales.


Do I Need Service BDC?

Effectively handling inbound calls requires exceptional phone skills and the right conversations to deliver a quality first-touch experience and turn opportunities into profitable sales appointments. Each PowerBDC team member is professionally trained, exudes a friendly demeanor, and is equipped with scripts that are designed for success.


When it comes to outbound calls, PowerBDC is structured to handle high volumes, so we can generate more leads and sales opportunities for your dealership.

Why PowerBDC?

Get a dedicated, knowledgeable, U.S.-based team to help you grow your business and create and keep satisfied customers. At PowerBDC, we’ve built a scalable sales and service BDC structure, a proven process, and a dealership toolkit tailored to businesses that sell high-value retail automotive, powersports, RV, and marine products and services.


Let the PowerBDC team provide a seamless and rewarding experience with every interaction and deliver on sales effectiveness metrics that absolutely “wow” you.

Maximize Leads

PowerBDC helps deliver your value proposition, qualify leads, and close sales.

Increased Productivity

Through our dedicated and knowledgeable team, support technologies, and proven process, we can work harder and smarter to produce impressive results.

Seamless Customer Experience

With responsive and personalized care provided by the PowerBDC team, consumers will experience who you are as an organization and how well you treat and serve customers.

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