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Should Your Automotive Dealership Outsource Your Service BDC? | PowerBDC®

How well are you currently capturing more sales, more customers, and more opportunities? How quickly are you responding to what is coming to you?

If you have an in-house BDC, is it delivering on key performance metrics like sales effectiveness, new business growth, or an improved net promoter score (NPS)? Or are you looking for an experienced team that can mobilize quickly and pursue, generate, and close more sales or handle incoming calls that positively impact customer experiences and your brand?

PowerBDC is a trusted source in the automotive dealer marketplace, and we’re ready to go to work for you. Learn about what we have to offer and give us a call at (800) 833-PBDC or send us an email to request a demonstration or proposal.


What Is a BDC?

A business development center (BDC) is where growth, loyalty, retention, and cross-selling are pursued, managed, and preserved. Increasingly, the inbound and outbound activities that are managed through this function ― whether by phone, mail, or digital assets such as your website, social media platforms, email, and online campaigns ― are generating more inquiries from a wider range of consumers. If you don’t have a BDC, or need help with what you need to have accomplished, PowerBDC is the ideal partner to help you achieve optimal results.

Why Outsource Your Automotive Service BDC?

If you’re looking for expertise from the get-go and better results for your dealership, look no further than PowerBDC. The solutions we offer can meet a variety of need levels and can be completely customizable to how your business presents itself. Our team is highly trained in lead generation, lead management, and customer relationship management and operates from proven scripts to make the right results happen. They’re fast, efficient, customer oriented, and can work seamlessly with your in-house team or internal CRM thanks to the technology we employ.

Better Customer Service

Your customers get a live, friendly person who is skilled at customer-centric service.

More Calls Answered

We are capable of answering all your inbound calls in a matter of seconds.

More Service Appointments Scheduled

Our team knows how to convert and close.

Increase in Upselling

Are you looking for improvement in your warranty sales? Accessory purchases? Service packages? We can help.


Enhance Your Automotive Service by Partnering with PowerBDC

Keep your customers coming back and raving about your dealership with the expert support you’ll get from PowerBDC. Let us help keep your growth engine performing at its peak and holding competitors at bay. Contact us today at (800) 833-PBDC or reach out to us via email.

Other Industries We Service

In addition to the automotive dealer marketplace, we serve dealers in the RV, powersports, and marine products industries.

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