Call Center

& Virtual Receptionist Service

Customized Processes and Workflows

You choose how we answer, transfer, and handle your customers with respect to your brand.

24 Hour Service Availability

If you're open, we're open. Pick your times and what time you need us to do what with your calls.

Live Person

No A.I. here. Real live people talk to your customers, our technology helps them do so effectively, too.

Sales & Service Trained U.S. Based Staff

Our friendly, U.S. based staff is trained on customer service and satisfaction. They also are working from our offices, not a foreign country.


Unlike some of our cookie-cutter competitors, we can customize warm or blind transfers, working holidays, hours of operation, scripts, and more!

You're one phone call away from growing your business.

"Not long after switching to PowerBDC for my outsourced call center I started noticing the positive effects: an increase in revenue and a higher NPS score.
I couldn't be happier - thank you!

- Founder
Digital Chair

There's dozens of reasons why having an out-sourced Call Center or Virtual Receptionist Service is good for your business.

PowerBDC saves you time, money, and stress.

We let you get back to growing the rest of your dealership business.

Ready to grow your business with PowerBDC?

* with 12 month minimum contract

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