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Stay on top of inbound and outbound leads, inquiries, and service activities and ensure a seamless and rewarding customer experience with PowerBDC®.

Outsourced BDC Services & Solutions | PowerBDC®

If your in-house BDC is not performing the way you need it to ― or is too costly ― or you’re feeling overwhelmed by the influx of online inquiries and requests in addition to your other business-generating pursuits, consider a professional outsourced sales and service BDC solution from PowerBDC.


At PowerBDC, we’re experts at lead generation, lead management, and customer relationship management (CRM) in the retail automotive, RV, powersports, and marine marketplaces. Our approach, processes, and team know-how come with a track record of success that translates to more closed sales, happy customers, and OEM compliance for you. And we provide scalability should your business needs grow.

Virtual services offered by PowerBDC include following up on and converting leads, setting sales appointments, handling inquiries, and delivering seamless interactions that represent you and your brand. 


Rapid response, delivering on key performance metrics, and complete integration with your business processes and brand are key advantages of working with PowerBDC. We’re not selling software ― we’re selling expertise and peace of mind.

 The closing power of a World-Class BDC for a fraction of your internal operating cost all with ZERO stress.

BDC in a Can

You have a CRM system  ― we give you everything your team needs to maximize its use. Elevate the effectiveness of your in-house BDC efforts with BDC in a Can, a dealer-specific turnkey BDC builder solution.


As lead generation and lead management experts, PowerBDC sets your team up to succeed by arming them with the most effective, day-to-day sales and service BDC processes, tools, and activities that deliver the right results. And we customize them to mirror your sales process.


Give your customers and prospects what truly makes them happy ― instant, live interaction with a knowledgeable and caring professional. Does anyone really prefer to talk with a smart robot or spend time clicking through a phone tree or knowledge center to get their question answered,  when the option exists to speak with a real person?  


The Clockstoppers service from PowerBDC delivers live conversation from our professionally trained, U.S.-based CRM team who respond immediately whether it’s by phone, text, or email. If an interaction is deemed a qualified lead, they immediately send them on to your team and log all communication and pertinent notes into your CRM. When you’re first to respond, you lessen the risk of losing a lead. And that translates to more sales.


Maintain your OEM and incentive compliance and engage with your audiences more effectively with PowerBDC. And don’t miss out on an opportunity to turn an inquiry into a sales lead.

Our Services

  • No more employee expense or issues

  • More consistent and persistent follow-up

  • Automotive, RV, marine, and powersports experts

  • Scalable and available on
    short notice

  • Customized and branded dealership CRM processes, templates, and statuses

  • Open from 7:00 a.m. EST to 10:00 p.m. EST

  • Warm transfers to your dealership

  • CRM experts with over
    200 years of combined 
    in-dealership experience

  • Never miss an inbound lead or sales call again

  • World-class sales and service BDC provider 

  • Professionally trained Stamford, CT-based staff

  • Real-time reporting and
    call recording

  • Immediate lead response by
    a live BD agent via phone, email, and text

"PowerBDC took over my
in-house BDC and blew it out of the water. I've never been happier with the number of sales and positive customer feedback I've gotten."

– General Manager, BMW

What’s Automotive BDC?

If you’re an automotive dealer, you understand that business development is the engine that fuels your success and growth. The business development function generates and manages lead flow, which increasingly is being driven by inbound activity from your internet-based platforms and campaigns. Maximize the effectiveness and lead response time of your inbound and outbound efforts with PowerBDC.

Virtual Reception &
Call Center Services

A warm, friendly voice from a knowledgeable professional is the best face you can put forward with your customers and prospects. PowerBDC helps you do just that with our virtual reception and call center services. Customized and scalable to your business needs, our professionally trained team is provided with scripts to properly represent your business and brand and deliver rewarding experiences.

Service BDC Solutions

In addition to helping you pursue business, PowerBDC helps you effectively manage the process.

How Does Lead Management Work?

Your CRM is only as good as the activity you generate from it. More follow up ― more prompt follow up ― can result in more conversions, more sales, and more satisfied customers. Get a better handle on your marketing efforts ― and marketing-to-sales effectiveness ― with results-driven lead management practices. PowerBDC offers expertise, technologies, and proven processes to help you accelerate your business success and growth.


Our track record in lead generation and lead management in the transportation products dealer space means we are highly effective at creating sales-ready leads for you. As your partner, we work together ― integrating with your processes and practices ― so the efforts are seamless and the customer experience is consistent and on point.


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Contact PowerBDC at (800) 833-7232 or reach out to us online and talk to us about your BDC builder goals and challenges. We’ll be happy to provide a demonstration of our capabilities and put together a proposal for you.

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