Outsourced Sales and Service BDC

Have an entire BDC Team at your disposal with no
employee headaches at a fraction of your internal cost.

 The closing power of a World-Class BDC for a fraction of your internal operating cost all with ZERO stress.

  • CRM experts with over
    200 years of combined 
    in-dealership experience

  • Never miss an inbound lead or sales call again

  • World-class Sales and Service

  • BDC provider

  • Professionally trained Stamford, CT based staff

  • Real-time reporting and
    call recording

  • Immediate lead response by
    a live BD agent via phone, email, and text

  • No more employee expense or issues

  • More consistent and persistent follow-up

  • Automotive, RV, Marine and Powersports experts

  • Scalable and available on
    short notice

  • Customized and branded dealership CRM processes, templates and statuses

  • Open from 7 AM ET to 10 PM ET

  • Warm transfers to your dealership

"PowerBDC took over my
in-house BDC and blew it out of the water. I've never been happier with the number of sales and positive customer feedback I've gotten."

– General Manager, BMW

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