Texting gets fast responses

Your customers want fast responses.
They're on their phones texting, your BDC should be too.

Like email, it's a written record

Black and white is important for some communication. Worry less about customer confusion when they can read what was discussed.

Use a phone or computer

Our software lets you use your phone or computer to connect with or view conversations with clients.

Have our reps or your reps text

Or a hybrid! Our software makes it easy to seamlessly communicate with your customers.

Communication = happy clients

The key to sales and service?
To happy clients?
It's good communication.

You're one call or text away from growing your business.

"In today's day and age we're noticing clients texting way more than calling us. PowerBDC has made it so much easier to communicate with our clients."

- General Manager

Compliance and communication in one.

PowerBDC uses modern software and trained BDC professionals to make your business grow with texting.

We let you get back to growing the rest of your dealership business.

Ready to grow your business with PowerBDC?

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