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Virtual Reception & Call Center Service
PowerBDC reception services are more than just an answering service.


We WOW your customers by
answering your calls when you can't.

Serving all industries with award-winning customer service.

  • Fully customizable and scalable to your business

  • Professionally scripted and trained Stamford, CT based staff

  • If you're open, we're open. NEVER miss an important customer or sales call again

  • Live person answering NOT smart or robotic software

  • You choose how we answer, transfer and handle your customers with respect

  • We will work with you to
    build a custom script designed for your business

  • Warm or blind transfers to your team in real time

  • Optional call recordings may be sent to your email or voicemail

PowerBDC's reception service means happier customers that can communicate with your business easily and in a timely manner with a live PowerBDC receptionist.


Your business can be backed by PowerBDC's professional reception and support team the way it best fits your business model. Happy customers are far more likely to do more business with you and continue to come back.

"Not long after switching to PowerBDC for my reception and business development,
I started noticing the positive effects, an increase in revenue and a higher NPS score.
I couldn't be happier – thank you Bill!"

– Founder, Digital Chair

Ready to grow your

business with PowerBDC?

Want to learn a
bit more first?

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1234 Summer Street
Suite 601/501
Stamford, CT, 06905

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Mon - Sat: 7:00am - 10pm ​​ET

Sunday: 10am - 8pm ET

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