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What Is Virtual BDC? | PowerBDC®

In a nutshell, it’s customer care delivered at the highest levels of performance.

A trusted Business Development Center (BDC) can help your dealership grow by:

• Following up on internet leads within 3 minutes

• Help you meet OEM compliance requirements

• Attract new leads & generate sales

PowerBDC will be able to:

• Lower your operating costs & reduce capital expenditures

• Increase sales

• Enhance customer satisfaction

• Become a reliable solution for inbound & outbound calls

• Provide appointment setting & mystery shopping

• Assist with online lead & service request follow up activities

The success of your dealership, especially in an evolving marketplace, depends on the consistency and effectiveness of your sales, marketing, and service efforts. This is particularly true when it comes to your online channels. Are you following up on internet leads within two or three minutes of receiving them? Are you meeting OEM compliance requirements? How effective are your outbound pursuits to attract new leads and generate sales? 


If you lack the manpower or see room for improvement, let the team at PowerBDC® ― a world-class business development center (BDC) provider ― help you achieve your business goals with our sales and service outsourcing solution. Lower your operating costs and reduce your capital expenditures, as we help you increase sales, enhance customer satisfaction, and generate profits to grow your business.


A virtual BDC can be a game changer for your business, as a cost-effective and reliable solution for your inbound and outbound calls and campaigns, appointment setting, mystery shopping, and online lead and service request follow up activities.

Services we provide include:


What’s an Automotive BDC?

Retail automotive is a sales- and service-oriented business and ― thanks to online shopping, ecommerce, and social media ― increasingly consumer driven. Today’s car buyer is looking for a different kind of buying experience, so business development efforts at the dealership level must be prepared to act with both proactive and reactive strategies and tactics. OEM compliance increasingly requires it, too.


From outbound calling and appointment setting, to inbound inquiry management via phone, website form, text, or chat, today’s automotive BDC can experience activity around the clock. 


A well-oiled BDC machine that aligns with the consumers’ ways of communicating, shopping, and assessing your performance can be a competitive advantage for you. Prompt attention is key.


Types of Automotive Leads

Whether we’re helping you manage your inbound leads or service inquiries or making outbound calls to generate new opportunities or sales appointments, you can be sure the quality of our lead generation and management, conversion rates, and customer relationship building will be to your complete satisfaction.

Outsourced BDC Responsibilities

Armed with sales, marketing, brand-building, and customer relationship acumen in your line of business, PowerBDC offers a ready-to-go, scalable solution that is customized to your brand and dealership CRM processes. Our team understands lead generation and lead management and adheres to BDC best practices ― like answering every call or responding immediately to inquiries via phone, email, chat, online form, or text messaging. 


The experience your customers or potential customers will have with PowerBDC will be the experience they expect from you. From your call name they see on their phone, to your email template they receive, to the seamless appointments we set up, everything we do is customized to the way you present yourself and do business.


For added convenience, we provide extended service hours from 7:00 a.m. EST until 10:00 p.m. EST so you’re covered no matter where you’re located. To help you keep track of your BDC activity and our performance, we provide real-time reporting and call recording.

Why PowerBDC?

When you partner with PowerBDC, you’ll have an entire organization behind you that is dedicated to your success. We’ve built a scalable structure, proven process, and dealership toolkit tailored to businesses like yours, so you can get the results and peace of mind you’re after. 


By outsourcing your BDC function to the experts at PowerBDC, you’ll tap into more than 200 years of in-dealership experience in the automotive, RV, powersports, and marine dealer space. Our U.S.-based customer relationship management (CRM) team is ready to provide a seamless experience with every interaction, equipped with technologies and proven techniques to deliver on key metrics and provide the support your customers expect and deserve.

• Owned & operated by former Automotive Executives since 2013

• Over 200 years of in-dealership experience

• Instant response by a live US-based professionally-trained staff, NOT an AI robot

• All work is done in your Sales CRM and Service Scheduler, not a 3rd party solution

• US-based agents, not near or off-shore

• Scalable and available on short notice

Maximize Leads

PowerBDC helps deliver your value proposition, qualify leads, and close sales.

Increased Productivity

Through our dedicated and knowledgeable team, support technologies, and proven process, we can work harder and smarter to produce impressive results.

Seamless Customer Experience

With responsive and personalized care provided by the PowerBDC team, consumers will experience who you are as an organization and how well you treat and serve customers.

Why PowerBDC

Other BDC Industries We Serve

In addition to serving automotive dealers that represent well-known OEM brands, PowerBDC has expertise working with RV, powersports, and marine dealer networks.

Get in Touch Today!

Contact PowerBDC at (800) 833-7232 or reach out to us online and talk to us about your BDC builder goals and challenges. We’ll be happy to provide a demonstration of our capabilities and put together a proposal for you.

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